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Saturday, April 29, 2017


By 1854 the Prohibition movement was in full swing in Maine.  As South Berwick was considering a ban on alcohol, numerous legal and religious establishments were torched in protest. After passing a ban on alcohol, Mainers had to cross the bridge to Rollinsford to drink and revel. A grog shop in Rollinsford owned by Samuel Dixon “reigned as the factory district’s chief watering hole”. Dixon, however, had become “somewhat notorious for crime in this vicinity, near Salmon Falls.” In 1851, Dixon was framed by a disgruntled South Berwick saloon owner for the string of arsons.  In 1854, a pair of young factory workers drank heavily one summer afternoon at Dixon’s and wandered into the woods – 2 men went in, only 1 came out.  Thanks to Samuel Dixon, Rollinsford earned “a relatively short-lived but racy reputation for free-flowing liquor." 

On Saturday April 29th, Samuel Dixon gets his revenge – SIX03 Endurance is bringing the party to Rollinsford once again!  Come join us on the banks of the Salmon Falls River for a trail running festival and celebrate at the mills with North Country Hard Cider, Smuttynose Brewing and other local vendors

There will be a 20K, 5K and Canicross 5K trail race. 

The 20K is an out and back which has some fast rail trail, some open fields, some single track and one big nasty hill. 

The 5K and and the Canicross 5k is a loop and will feature some fast rail trail and some great single track along the Salmon Falls River. 

Disclaimer:  There will be mud on this trail and your shoes will get dirty.

5K Loop

5k Loop
5k Elevation

5k Elevation
20K Out and Back

20K Out and Back
20K Elevation

20K Elevation

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