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41st Annual Bedford Memorial 12K and 5K Road Race

Join us on Saturday, May 16th, 2015 for a completely new Bedford Rotary 5K and 12K road race. After 40 years, we figure it's time to make a few changes:

  • New 12K course with the return of the Meadowbrook dirt road.
  • New 5K course. Both the 12K and 5K course records are up for grabs!
  • New finish line. We are now finishing across the street from the High School. Why are we doing this? Because we are serving FREE beer and the school system frowns on such behavior. :)
  • The 12K and the 5K will finish at approximately the same time so everyone can enjoy the post-race activities together.
  • All new BEER GARDEN with SAM ADAMS beer being served by T-BONES.
  • On-site WZID DJ! Woot!

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